Saturday 17th September, 2011

I have only this year looked at crochet.
I have had a go at a few simple stitches, all stitched into small squares of no use.

So I decided to find a nice (and simple) pattern, and have a go.

This is what I picked :

Looks quite adventurous, but is written as a "Beginner" project so...


This is where I'm up to :

Pretty happy for a first attempt!

Next stage : ARMS!


  1. WOW!
    i few years ago i did something like that with pearls. littl pearl-pets. crocodiles, dogs, snakes and so on.
    but stitching...
    looks really nice. maybe i should try it too ;)

  2. so how did your little friend turn out?

    i have been crocheting for around 30 years. i mainly like to work with thread making doilies but i do on odd accasion worh with yarn.

  3. Unfortunately I haven't yet got back onto this :o( poor doggy :o(

    I am in a cross stitch phase at the moment. Currently working on a secret project, but will soon be starting a wedding sampler and a baby sampler :o)