Saturday, 29 June 2013

Friday 28th June, 2013

Proud today as I had a bit of a stressful one where I locked myself out of my house for 3 hours and my dad had to break in to get me back in! Grrrrrr!!!

To pass some time while I was waiting for him to come I went to my mums house and had some lunch and I could have gone soooooooo off track!!

Ignoring the McDonald's 1 minute down the road from her house, I could have easily gorged on full fat cheese sarnies with full fat butter and crisps and chocolate and biscuits galore!

But instead, I had a very reserved apple and ready salted crisp sandwich with literally the smallest amount of butter you've ever seen, all counted, all tracked and all totally yum!!

Go me! :) x

(Ps: Only remembered the lunch photo today! I'll get there eventually I'm sure ;) ) 


Friday, 28 June 2013

Thursday 27th June, 2013

Happy with today :)

Gonna try and remember to take photos of each meal too as I have had a request :)

Remembered for breakfast today (which was YUMMMMMMM btw!), but forgot the rest of the day - sorry >_< 


Wednesday 26th June, 2013

Well I think that's a first!!

My post weigh in splurge used my remaining daily, weekly and activity points up SPOT ON!!

I still ate wayyyy too much, and it's really quite gross to see it all written down, but that is the whole point of this blog after all - to own up to what makes me what I am - OVERWEIGHT!

Now I know that you people's that know me say I'm not overweight but fact is I AM!!

Healthy BMI is 10st 6lb, and goal is 10st 0lb (revised from 9st 11.5lb).

Up until last nights weigh in I was 11st 0lb meaning I AM OVERWEIGHT!!

And I didn't lose 50lb to put it all back on again!

I've revised my goal to 10st as I think it more realistic for me to be able to maintain between 10st 0 and 10st 5 that it is from 9st 11.5

Meaning I had 1 stone to lose.

After a good week and only having used 13 weeklies up until weigh in ... 

I LOST 1.5lb!! :D

I'm more than happy with that! 

It's a loss, it takes me back to 2.5st total loss, and it means I now have 12.5lb left to get back to goal!

And that number IS going to keep going DOWN!!!

I am on a mission!

It's now SEVEN weigh ins until my birthday, and after many failed attempts I am not going to set myself a specific target. Even 1/2lb a week has let me down in the past because life and chocolate got in the way.

This time, I'm aiming to lose.


Between now and then I WILL have lost some weight and be closer to my goal than I am today :)


Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Monday 24th June, 2013

Coulda done better today, but had a major stress on after the cat brought a live blackbird in the house and had that flying around! Managed to sort it all on my own but had an awful mess of feathers and blood to clear up (not sure if the cat caused the blood, or the bird when it flew into the window trying to escape!), along with a cat and dog trying to get at it all, and all 5 mins before nursery pick up! GRRRRR!!

But anyhoo - as I said I coulda done better....

... But ohhhhhh boy, could I have done a whole lot worse!

Still happy this week and feel I'm on track or a loss on Wednesday! :) xx

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Sunday 23rd June, 2013

We were out over lunchtime a bit unexpectedly today, and ended up at my Mums, and everyone else had something from McDonalds but I had NOTHING (go me!), so I just stole a few fries and (hopefully) over-counted.

The cake was homemade by my Grandad, so that was a total guess, but it was only a small sliver so I'm hoping that 6 will cover that.

Nevertheless I have barely made a dent in my weeklies so I'm still more than happy with my progress so far this week! :)

Bring on Weigh In!! 

Saturday, 22 June 2013

Saturday 22nd June, 2013

Used a few weeklies today (5) but I was expecting to - what with having ribs for tea as they're quite high - and also I can't factor them in accurately beforehand because I don't know how much meat there will be vs bone/gristle.

I'm happy with how I managed today overall... although I have come to bed feeling slightly fuller than I would have preferred.

But tomorrow is a new day, and one of these new days I am SURE I will get it right :)

Buonanotte x