Friday, 28 June 2013

Wednesday 26th June, 2013

Well I think that's a first!!

My post weigh in splurge used my remaining daily, weekly and activity points up SPOT ON!!

I still ate wayyyy too much, and it's really quite gross to see it all written down, but that is the whole point of this blog after all - to own up to what makes me what I am - OVERWEIGHT!

Now I know that you people's that know me say I'm not overweight but fact is I AM!!

Healthy BMI is 10st 6lb, and goal is 10st 0lb (revised from 9st 11.5lb).

Up until last nights weigh in I was 11st 0lb meaning I AM OVERWEIGHT!!

And I didn't lose 50lb to put it all back on again!

I've revised my goal to 10st as I think it more realistic for me to be able to maintain between 10st 0 and 10st 5 that it is from 9st 11.5

Meaning I had 1 stone to lose.

After a good week and only having used 13 weeklies up until weigh in ... 

I LOST 1.5lb!! :D

I'm more than happy with that! 

It's a loss, it takes me back to 2.5st total loss, and it means I now have 12.5lb left to get back to goal!

And that number IS going to keep going DOWN!!!

I am on a mission!

It's now SEVEN weigh ins until my birthday, and after many failed attempts I am not going to set myself a specific target. Even 1/2lb a week has let me down in the past because life and chocolate got in the way.

This time, I'm aiming to lose.


Between now and then I WILL have lost some weight and be closer to my goal than I am today :)


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