Thursday, 20 June 2013

Thursday 20th June, 2013

2pm - Had my usual treat night last night after weigh in, and though I thought I was quite reserved I felt pleh in the night :(

It was SOOOO muggy I woke up from the heat, then realised my stomach did NOT feel good, so then I was awake almost 3 hours, then bubs came in our bed making me even hotter! Grrrr!

I think he's got a(nother) throat infection (docs tomoro!) and hubby is suffering with both a cold AND hayfever! 

All in all, not a good night!!!

So this morning bubs and me had a nice long lie in, late brekkie and he went off to nursery. But my stomach is still feeling a bit delicate, so have only had cereal so far and don't want anything else :(

Meh :(

4.35pm - feeling a bit better and feeling hungry so had a banana and grabbed a small pack of crisps from the shop when picked bubs up. 
Gonna have a large glass of squash and put the spuds in the oven for tea :)

9.40pm - done for the day!
Had a little treat of a twirl (1 finger) and still got 6 dailies left, so all's good.

It wasn't planned to go under my dailies - hoping my stomach will feel better tomorrow and I can do my best to stick to them the rest of the week :)

Oh, and no pedometer results for today as the bloody thing reset again!
Was only halfway to 'earning' mode when it reset though, so I doubt it would have been much worth mentioning :( 

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