Saturday, 29 June 2013

Friday 28th June, 2013

Proud today as I had a bit of a stressful one where I locked myself out of my house for 3 hours and my dad had to break in to get me back in! Grrrrrr!!!

To pass some time while I was waiting for him to come I went to my mums house and had some lunch and I could have gone soooooooo off track!!

Ignoring the McDonald's 1 minute down the road from her house, I could have easily gorged on full fat cheese sarnies with full fat butter and crisps and chocolate and biscuits galore!

But instead, I had a very reserved apple and ready salted crisp sandwich with literally the smallest amount of butter you've ever seen, all counted, all tracked and all totally yum!!

Go me! :) x

(Ps: Only remembered the lunch photo today! I'll get there eventually I'm sure ;) ) 


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