Thursday, 30 May 2013

My Name is Tali and I've lost my way :(

I haven't posted in while, and I know I had already gained a fair bit since getting to my goal, but things have gone from bad to worse

I am now 16½lb above goal, but I have decided to aim for a goal of 10st this time as I really don't think my body is suited to the 9st's. I managed to get to 10st last time and then hovered for what seemed like forEVER, so when I get back down there I will be changing my goal to 10st :)

So I have exactly 1 stone to lose as of last night's weigh in.

And this is the week I am going to start doing it!

I have been paper tracking in a book I bought from my meeting, but I really don't think it's working for me, so I am going back to my iphone app, and am reopening my blog for business!

So - here we go!

PMA people! PMA! :)


  1. You can do this, I think changing your goal is a good idea if its a weight your comfortable at and know you can realistically stick to. Good luck xx

  2. thank you hun :)

    my original goal was 10st, but I changed it to 9st 11½ so that it would be 50lb total loss.
    I found out after that I could have kept the goal at 10st and still gone for my 50lb but hey ho, you live and learn haha!

    I hovered for SO long between 10st and 10st 4, so I think 10st will be perfect :)

    just gotta get back down there! :) xx