Thursday, 4 July 2013

Wednesday 3rd July, 2013

In all honesty, I didn't track at all today, apart from breakfast. 
I had a small case of the nibbles around lunch time, but was good during the afternoon and, considering the amount of weeklies I ate this week compared to last, and that the majority of them were consumed Saturday-Tuesday, I'm just hoping for a half lb off to keep the numbers going down!

WEIGH IN RESULT : 1/2lb off :)

Current weight : 10st 12lb
Total loss : 35.5lb

Had an awful, horrible, disgusting binge after weigh in, although I don't think it's my worse, my stomach certainly can't seem to handle it anymore!

Me and hubby shared a pizza (just cheese with a stuffed crust from Asda - nothing elaborate), then we had a mini Ben & Jerry's tub each (I had caramel chew chew *nom* ), and for a drink I had banana milkshake. 
After the milkshake, however, I felt illllllllllllllll :(

Not sure what it was but I'm definitely planning better this week with no binge.
I'm fed up of feeling ill every week and I'm the only one able to stop that - I've gotta stop doing it to myself!!!


Sparkly new week ahead :)

Meal plan to follow xx

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