Friday, 4 October 2013

Thursday 3rd October, 2013

Today is my one year anniversary of getting to goal...

And what do I have to show for it?


So what better time to get my ass into gear than the few days before I go on holiday? 
Sounds dumb, but why not? when is there ever a good time?? 

Just because I am going away it doesn't mean that I HAVE to stuff myself silly. The discussion at class last week was EXCUSES and what better EXCUSE not to track than a holiday??

But that's just it - it is an EXCUSE.

There's a good selection of food for me to choose from, and there's absolutely NO reason I won't be able to have a treat.

I am even going to find a meeting and get weighed while I am away. That way I will know where I am and it means that I can't write this week off before I even go away. 
Knowing I will be getting weighed on Tuesday/Wednesday next week will keep me on track until then, and after I get weighed I will have a sparkly new week of weekly points to treat myself with :)

So here is a brand new sparkly week of trackers and other stuff, in the run up to my lickle family hol :)

I forced myself out for a walk today too - trainers and everything. I'm not convinced my pedometer was counting right though, as it reckons I earned 1AP, (not quite halfway to the 2nd AP) and I have earned 3 or 4 AP from doing a LOT less before now.
So that was annoying.

But I used the map my walk website to track my walks and get the mileage which was a total of 3.5 :) not bad for me! I'm happy with that! (apart from the lack of AP's to show for it .... hmmmph)

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