Monday, 15 August 2011

Birthday LBD - NSV :o)

I went Food Shopping with Hubby on Saturday, and made a short trip to the shopping centre first.
Wanted to find either a dressy top, or a dress for my birthday on Friday as Hubby appears to be planning some kind of evening outing - a meal or the like ...

Went into New look and found a lovely lacy black dress, but they only had one, and it happened to be a size 10.

I have got into a 10 dress already, but it was one that flared out at the hips, not fitted like this LBD so I wasn't at all confident going into the changing room ...

I figured I may as well try tho, since I know that I don't seem to be able to see what others can when I look in the mirror - WHAT IS IT WITH MIRRORS ANYWAY??? lol

Anyhoo ... I went into the changing room and tried it on ... And then I stood there for 15 mins trying to figure out why it looked OK!

The assistants in the changing room must have wondered what on earth I was doing with one dress for 15 mins lol but I DON'T CARE!


And here it is (minus my head as I had zero make up and my hair was a state lol) :

I'm even wearing HEELS! eek!

I will try and get a nice full length - including head - photo on Friday to add as my "NOW" photo in the side bar :o)

I LOVE NSV's! :o)

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