Friday, 8 June 2012

Let's Start Again ...

I'm not sure what's been going on this past few weeks, I just can't seem to get my head into tracking never mind blogging!

Well, I had two VERY lucky weeks ;

w/e 23th May I managed a very unexpected STS after expecting a 2lb gain...
w/e 30th May I managed a shocking 1/2lb OFF despite expecting a definite 2lb gain after TWO weeks off track and a sts the week before...

and then w/e 6th June I was just flat out dreading. A definite gain, with just the looming doom of exactly how much ...

Thursday I went to Nando's and to see Grease at the Drive-In, a one off event at the Merry Hill shopping centre, and both of which were part of a prize I won on the radio! It was amazing :)

I didn't do too badly on points, and still had 31 weeklies left ...

And then the double bank holiday/Queen's Jubilee weekend happened.

We decided to go away for a couple days (myself, hubs and bubs) so we went to Cardiff on Sunday morning, stayed overnight and came home Monday afternoon ... and we ate. a LOT.

off the top of my head :

Breakfast at home, packed lunch for when we arrived, 1½ Krispy Kreme doughnuts (1 apple cinnamon and ½ original glazed), (then a meal out on Sunday evening : salad bar (2 slices of cucumbers worth of 0pp and the rest was pasta, coleslaw, bread roll, butter and the like), starter of breaded mushrooms (there were LOADS), and then a main of baby rack of bbq ribs with chips!
then we had nibbles back at the hotel while we chilled.
Then breakfast Monday morning, lets just say I got my money's worth!! followed by nibbles in the car, cereal for tea at home, more nibbles and a couple more Krispy Kreme doughnuts <3
Then Tuesday I was hoping to behave and eat minimally, but I went to visit my mum since hubby had to work, and she had bought SF chicken bites, goujons, legs and wings, chips, burgers ... and I munched!

Then Wednesday, I ate more than required before wi ... :(

sometimes it feels like i'm on a roll ... once I start I can't stop!!

So I was pleasantly surprised when I had ONLY gained 1lb!!

And that's it now. I got away with it for a couple weeks, but I won't be that lucky all the time. I have got to get my head back into it.

I have GOT to get to goal.

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