Friday, 22 June 2012


Sorry for the lack of posts.

I have been really struggling to stay on track recently which is ridiculous considering how close I am to goal!

I got to 10st 0lbs and lost the plot! :(

I do well till the weekend, and then, despite not having anything particular to throw me off track, I just lose it!

I managed to lose ½lb this week at wi (20th June), taking me (back) to 10st 2lb.

So 4½lb to go to goal, and i figured out it's 8 weeks this Sunday till my birthday and I would LOVE to be at goal by then.


fresh start, clean slate, line drawn.

I am not going to promise to update with my trackers, as at the moment I am just trying to actually complete my trackers!!

But I will keep you updated on how I am getting on :)