Friday, 6 July 2012

Friday 6th July - quick update :)

weigh ins :

27th June - 10st 1lb     (-1lb)    3st 4½lb Total Loss
4th July    - 10st 1½lb  (+½lb)  3st 4lb Total Loss

Loat the plot a tad last week as we decided to get a pizza on Saturday and rent a film, which led to joining a certain film rental thing and getting 14 days free rentals ... and what comes with films??


oops :o/

Now for the good news : i have just now ordered my (early) birthday present (well, hubby pressed the 'confirm order' button - haha)

and it is ....



It is arriving Tuesday and it will *HOPEFULLY* give my body the boost it needs to get to goal before my birthday :o)

6 weigh ins and 4lbs to go!!

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