Thursday, 25 October 2012

Thursday 25th October, 2012 - weigh in and lamb stew!

Weigh in last night and I lost 1lb :o)

Takes me back to 10st 1lb.

Above goal but within the 5lb allowance so I'm happy as it's a loss!

Mind set for a good week this week.

Just want to share last night's tea, which if I say so myself was AMAZING <3

It was my own recipe and one I will definitely be making again!

400g Lamb Leg Steak
1 large onion
2 large carrots
1 large sweet potato
1 swede
1 parsnip
2 Knorr lamb stock cubes, made to 1½ pints with hot water

Shove it all in a pan, add a sprinkle of dried rosemary and dried thyme, and simmer.
I made mine on Tuesday night ready for Wednesday so it was nice and stewed.
And since it was post weigh in I bought a big crusty loaf  

Total recipe came to 37pp, so 9pp if serving 4 people :o)


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