Monday, 22 October 2012

Update 22nd October, 2012

10th October : +3½lb!! - I went a bit food-happy this week having got to goal, and obviously overdid it a lot more than I thought, as I expected maybe a 2lb gain but nothing as much as 3½!! OOOOOPS!! >_<

17th October : STS - the plan was to get back on track this week after that maHOOsive gain, but I didn't track at all this week and feel like I ate even worse than last week!
Was DREADING getting on the scales, so was seriously surprised but majorly relieved to find I'd STS!
It seems it is a sign to get my arse back into gear!

22nd October : I have done a lot better this week, though have used practically all my weeklies now (Monday)
Just need to get through munchy Tuesday and I should be home free for a small loss on Wednesday


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