Friday, 11 May 2012

I'm BACK :o)

Well my internet is finally back up and running - YAY!



So, update -

Weigh in on Wednesday I was hopeful but not entirely confident ... that's what sneaky peeks do for you!

On Wednesday morning my scales were showing a 2.5lb loss, which if going by the last few weeks, would mean a 2lb loss by the time wi came around ...

Then before I left the house I SP'd again, and was showing a ½lb loss so my fingers were very firmly crossed!

Then at wi the scales showed a 1lb loss!!

So I'm now 10st 0lb - my very original goal weight that I set myself when I joined January 2010!

But since I revised this to a 50lb total loss, it means I now have 2½lb left to lose to Goal!

Bring on the PINK and GOLD!! 

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