Saturday, 5 May 2012

Sorry for the absence...

Just a quick one while I am borrowing my mum's wireless signal -

I moved house on 27th April and don't have any internet!! :o(

So; the update : I was tracking the week before the move, and lost 1lb at wi on 25th April, taking me to 10st 2lb :o)

Moved to the new house on the Friday and barely ate til the Monday cos of the lack of food and how busy we were sorting things out over the weekend.

I was worried for wi on Wednesday (2nd May) because of the sudden intake of food on the Monday and Tuesday in comparison to the weekend, but on Wednesday I lost another 1lb taking me to 10st 1lb! YAY!!

I am back to tracking this week, so am hoping for another loss this week - I'm now only 3.5lb from both my 50lb certificate and GOAL!

I DO NOT want to go back up again!!!

My internet will be back up (hopefully) on 9th May, so until then I am paper tracking only :o)


1 comment:

  1. Missed you Tali.
    Hope the move is fab.
    and that you're back online soon