Friday, 14 December 2012

Rabbit Food???

I just wanted to share what I thought was a weird observation at weigh in the other night.

As you may know, I'm a helper at my class and I help Cayla to weigh the members.

Well I normally take a little cereal bar or something to munch on after I've been weighed, (in this instance it was a WW double chocolate cereal bar - 2pp), and at weigh in the other night a member said to me how nice it was to see a gold member can still eat.

I thought that to be such an odd comment, considering if we couldn't 'eat' on the plan, I wouldn't imagine that many members would get to goal?? I certainly wouldn't be, that's for sure!


Have you had any odd comments made about the plan? Would be interesting to hear some others :)

And on a side note, can I say a big CONGRATULATIONS to Paul on getting his 50lb, and meeting his christmas challenge at weigh in last night! You are doing amazingly Mister! xx

And this post from Lauren is something everyone should read. So inspirational and BRAVE! well done Lauren!! xx

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