Thursday, 13 December 2012

W/E Wednesday 12th December, 2012

Didn't track Tuesday or Wednesday this week, for a few reasons ...

• My puppy chewed through the charger cable for the computer, and the computer died.

• I somehow managed to track all of Monday's food on Tuesday on my ww app (?) and couldn't be bothered to delete it all and correct it.

• I lost the plot :o(

Anyhoo, I faced the scales last night and lost a very happy half :) so I'm now GOAL+6

We have replaced the charger cable, the computer is back up and running and I've no excuses this week to not get another loss before Christmas!

Seriously when did that creep up on us???

I would love to lose 1lb this coming week get to GOAL+5 next week, as that is the top end of what ww allow for gold members :)

Then I'll be having a little break, though trying not to go overboard, for the festivities, before getting back to goal in the new year!

I have GOT to be at goal for the end of April as hubby and I are going back to our original honeymoon spot for our 5th anniversary! EEK that will soon be here too! 

So, here's to a GOOD week this week!!

:) xx

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