Thursday, 23 January 2014

Forgive me, WW, for I have sinned*

Remember that fateful "I'm going on holiday but that's no reason to slack off on ww" post?? Back In October? MONTHS ago?!!

Well this is what has happened since then :

Considering I didn't weigh in for the WHOLE of December and the first week of January, I've gotta say I'm quite happy with that!!

If you compare it with last year having only missed one weigh in (Boxing Day)... :

... When I gained 3.5!

Not bad at all, I don't think! :) (not including the actual weight difference since 2012, obviously ... That's not so good!)


So we've been back at class for a few weeks now, we've been told all about Simple Start, Flex etc etc and over the last 2 weeks I have lost 1/2lb.

Not as good as others, as there have been some AMAZING losses (9st and 13st 13lb respectively at Tettenhall and Perton over the last 2 weeks combined - WOW!!!!!) ...

... but I'm happy!

This year so far, I have lost 1/2lb.

It's not as much as it could have been ... But it's a start :)

* no SW pun intended ;)

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