Sunday, 26 January 2014

Saturday 25th January, 2014

Following on from yesterday photos of the marbles I need to lose...

I had a discussion today regarding viewing your weight loss as a whole, and not just concentrating on the individual number each week.

eg, if you lost 3lbs last week but are disappointed because you "only" lost 1/2lb this week. 
That is 3.5lbs GONE!
That is a MAINTAINABLE, REALISTIC amount of weight GONE!

That is AMAZING and you should be damn proud of yourself!!

It all goes back to the perspective, and how you view your weight loss.

So I took a new photo.

Instead of looking at those 36 marbles and thinking that is the 18lbs I put on over the last year, I will look at my weight loss as a whole.

Last weigh in, I lost 1/2lb. Making my total weight loss 29.5lbs :)

So here are my marbles :)

I have come a long way, and there is a smaller distance left to go. And I will do it!

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