Sunday, 17 July 2011

Planning is Good!

As you can probably see my plan for planning didn't happen... bad bad bad!

I'd kind of forgotten how bad I'd probably eat at the charity night on Friday so that threw me off to start .. and then Saturday we went to see my Mum at lunch time and there is a McDonald's just down the road so we had a spontaneous McDonald's lunch.
I always go in with good intentions to have just a grilled chicken & bacon salad (4pp) and a fruit bag (0pp) but then hubby and son's fries smell SOOOO good that a few (lot) tend to sneak their way into my mouth, and then the McFlurry ... all I can say is at least I was restrained enough to share one with Hubby so I only had to count half the points!

So - I've got 3 full days left before weigh in and here is the plan:

Today (Sunday)
I had a late breakfast so Lunch and Dinner will be merged and then perhaps have a light supper later
so Lunch/Dinner - Sausage Casserole w/ Baked new Potatoes and Mixed Veg

Lunch - Chicken Salad Wrap
Dinner - Home made Chicken Pie

Lunch - Tuna Pasta Salad
Dinner - WW Ready Meal - Tikka Masala

Lunch - Ham Salad Wrap

Also plan to go to the gym on Tuesday, but haven't been yet this week so looks like the 'gym twice' plan was about as successful as the 'planning' plan - oops!


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