Friday, 8 July 2011


So. First post, I figure you need a bit of history.

What got me to where I am today?


On 6th February 2007 I joined Weight Watchers.

My wedding date was set for 4th May 2008 and I was carrying some extra weight.

My engagement was a couple of years in length, and on my birthday in 2006 I went to try on a dress.
The shops sample dress was a size 12(UK). I was a UK18. And I looked AWFUL.

My very first weigh in I clocked up 13st 8.5lb, which on my 5'4" frame was not a good look!

So I attended my meeting, every week, and after 8 months with not a single gain, I got to my goal of 10st 7lb!

We married, and I felt great in my size TEN fitted wedding dress!

As married life settled in, I stopped going to my meeting for various reasons, and - no shock here : I put some back on.

January 2009 comes around and I am 1 stone heavier than on my wedding day and feeling frumpy. So back to good ol' weight watchers I trot.

Only this time, 2 months later I discover I am pregnant and that's that - diet over.

All along I sniffed at the 'eating for two' myth, and didnt think I'd eaten too badly throughout the pregnancy (despite the only thing that helped the nausea was FOOD) ... that is until D-Day

I'm lying on the bed in the maternity ward, in pain like I've never experienced before, off my head on gas&air and pethidine, when a midwife decides it's a good idea to come in and insult the grunting, moaning, hormonal woman writhing on the bed in pain - fab!

Obviously I realise now that she was in fact just concerned about how I would cope during labour as she believed my BMI to be high which could mean the baby was a big'un etc etc

But when she came in and asked in a sickly sweet, 'soothing' voice "have you put a LOT of weight on during the pregnancy?" well I was offended!

I remember a very defensive NO escaping my lips and not much else (that gas&air is good stuff!!)

Fast forward (baby is born after 8 hours, all ok and I'm discharged the following day) to 6 weeks later (5th Jan 2010) and I am back at the earliest opportunity at my WW meeting weighing in at 13st 5.5lb

Back to where I started.

This time round, with no rush, no dress to fit into, no specific goal besides my health and the wish to be a healthy example to my son, I decide I will take it easy, slowly and healthily and lose the weight while making my son priority#1.

Fast forward again almost 18 months to last weigh in day (6th July) and I am 36.5lbs down with approximately 11lbs to go (that'll be a 47.5lb loss, so I'm thinking I might just go and make it a round 50, depending on how I look and feel at 10st

I couldn't even guess at when I was last 10st.

I don't think I was always big. I think it was from around the age of 11 when I joined secondary school, but I haven't a clue as to my weight at the time.

On the WW plan, I am allotted 29 ProPoints per day, and have a weekly allowance of 49PP
I can earn extra 'activity' points through exercising and eat these as well if needed.

This blog will act in making my daily trackers public. For all to see and judge - there's no need to tell me I am a chocoholic - let's just get that out there right now!

So here goes...

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