Wednesday, 20 February 2013


I took hubby to Bath overnight Friday for a little Valentine's break away and, despite my best intentions - I checked what shops were there beforehand on the net and it had no mention of Krispy Kreme for one ... and I planned Nando's for tea for the low points and yumminess - from the moment we got on the train I couldn't stop eating!

We got to Bath, walked from the station to the high street and guess what the very first (ok second after new look) shop was to greet us?


so I had to try one of their valentine doughnuts, obviously

Then when we walked out of Krispy Kreme's I saw someone holding something that I really was not expecting ... so off we went to hunt for the place he got it ...

We had one pretty local which shut a couple years ago and we used to LOOOOOOOOVE it so we just HAD to go ...


It isn't really possible to describe the nomminess that this place creates, but I did take photos of the menu so you can see the amazing choices available ♡ ♡ ♡

So on the Friday when we got there I had an Alan (fro yo version with Marsmallows on top), and then Saturday when we walked back past to the station I had a creme egg (fro yo) with minstrels on the bottom and squirty cream on the top!

At least I had fro yo ... that should have save me a point???? LOL

We also went to Nandos Friday night, had loads of nibbly junk in the hotel room, a huuuuuuuuuge continental brekkie on Saturday morning, and crisps and sweets on the train home. Oh and then a McDonalds for tea Saturday night (I just had medium fries), followed by another Krispy Kreme for pudding!


And I've totally Lost The Plot since then, eaten everything in sight, whatever I fancied.
Oh, and I'm due on.

Who wants to go weigh in tonight for me?????????

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