Thursday, 7 February 2013

Meal Plan W/C 7th February, 2013

Thursday - Bird's Eye Reggae Reggae Chicken, Savoury Rice and Steam Fresh Vegetables
Friday - Sausage, Egg, Chips & Beans
Saturday - Fajitas
Sunday (Lunch) - Chicken Stew
Sunday (Dinner) - Shepherd's Pie
Monday - Chicken Stew
Tuesday - Leftover Shepherd's Pie
Wednesday - Fish, Chips & Peas

I am going to carry on with the photo blog, sticking - where possible - to my dailies, and also this week is delivery week again, so I will be clocking up some activity points (last month was 10).
 I'm hoping that adding the activity to what I did this week will get me another good loss on the scales next week. I'd love to be ahead in my holiday losses if possible, so just anything more than a ½ will do me!

Thank you please! 

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