Tuesday, 18 October 2011

30 Days of Blogs -Day 25 - What's in Your Bag?

This is my bag

It's from Next and I bought it approx 3 years ago when I got an office job so that I could cart everything to and from work.

The job lasted a week.

The bag, however, was much more faithful :o)

I find it to be a FAB size for carting everything that myself and Bubs might need on a trip out.

I will just point out now that I carry a LOT of stuff.
I think I just like to be prepared ... at least that's my excuse...

I think this bag would service most people as an overnight bag, haha!

Anyhoos ... to the list!

  1. Lightweight Umbrella
  2. Malden Filofax - my life organiser <3
  3. Cuban Slimline Filofax - my WW food and weight tracker
  4. Primarni Shopper Bag
  5. Swarovski Crystal Filofax/Shopping List/Purse/Bubs tracker (I have started keeping notes on the new things that bubs does and says, as he just seems to be racing by me! I just don't know where the time has gone!! :o( (Less than a month till he is TWO! EEK!)
  6. Lockets from my recent cold. I ate one and choked on it and so they have been relegated to the bottom of my mary poppins bag!
  7. Lip Balm
  8. A Spare Pen
  9. Sunglasses Case (containing Sunglasses!)
  10. Body Spray
  11. A Sticker that the hygienist gave Bubs on my recent(ish) trip to the dentist
  12. Sweeteners! - There have been so many times recently I have been places and had/bough a cup or pot of tea, only to find out they don't have sweeteners! GRR! I HATE spending points on a cuppa (milk comes out of my allowance) So I figured this uber-handy pack would come in uber-handy! ...wouldn't you know I haven't needed it since I bought it!!
  13. Mini fold out hairbrush/mirror
  14. Case for my braces
  15. handy pack of tissues
  16. house and car keys
  17. baby wipes
  18. nappies
  19. pretty tin of lady stuffs
  20. nail file
  21. cosmetic bag containing toothbrush/paste/floss and paracetamol (for when I'm being a good brace-girl)
  22. Mini photo books from mine and hubby's wedding day 

and not a lampshade in sight! haha 

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