Thursday, 20 October 2011

Thursday 20th October, 2011

Frosties, 34g - 3pp*
Cup of Tea - 0pp*
Mini Banana - 0pp
WW Chicken & BNS Curry Pot - 6pp
Müllerlight Vanilla w/ Chocolate Sprinkles - 2pp
WW Apple Pie Bar - 2pp
Grapes - 0pp
BGTY Oven Chips - 4pp
Youngs Scampi - 7pp
Heinz Baked Beans - 1pp

Some of bub's Linda McCartney Sausage - 2pp

WW Apple Pie Bar, 1/3 - 1pp
BGTY Vanilla Ice Cream - 2pp
Any Time
*Skimmed Milk - 2pp
Apple - 0pp
Horlicks, Light Choc - 1pp*
Maltesers, Treat Size - 3pp


I forgot to wear my pedometer today :o(

I didn't even leave the house tho, so I sincerely doubt I'd have got to 'earning' mode.

I had an active-ish day tho, as we donated our Chinchilla's today to a company that visit schools and hospitals and entertains at children's parties (along with many other things - see their website here ) - an 'animal man' as I've always called them.

We have been looking for a home for over a year for them, as we just haven't got the time or room for them any more, but I was being particularly picky, as I didn't just want to advertise them in the paper and possibly get any old random buying them as Chinchilla's are quite obscure animals and I wanted to make sure they went to an experienced home.

Well I'm glad we held out!

We had offered to donate them to Hoo Farm , but they couldn't accommodate any more chins :o(
But we gave them another call at the weekend (last time we asked was around May time), and while they still didn't need any, they knew a man who did!

Critterish Allsorts are a company based in Rugeley - so not too far from us - who already had one Chinchilla, Sebastian, but were looking for a friend for him :o)

I'm just so happy, cos they are going to be getting SO much interaction and freedom!! :o) yay

So I spent the morning cleaning them out, and cleaning around their cages (sand, fur and poos) but then ended up half re-arranging my living room because of ALLLL the extra room(!) and kept finding stuff to vacuum so I spent most of the day lugging the vacuum to and from the kitchen! haha

every little helps tho!

They have kindly posted some photos on their Facebook Page of Lulu and Milo settling in to their new home

Food wise, I have eaten more points than I would have liked, but considering I hadn't planned Tea and had to use whatever was in the freezer I don't think I did too bad.

All I've got planned for tomorrow is having my nails done :o) so I will plan my food for the rest of the week and write my shopping list!

I've decided I've GOT to start planning my meals BEFORE weigh in so that I can have my food shop delivered on a Thursday ready for the new week

I'm thinking a Monday - I have seen on another blog (Mrs Shilts) she does 'Meal Planning Mondays' which has a nice ring to it :o)

Also I AM going to the gym this weekend, and am going to start going during the week again starting next week (my father in law takes Bub's out on a Tuesday and a Thursday, so I've no excuses to not go at least ONCE a week!!

And I REALLY have got to start using my membership!!! (bleurch! lol)

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