Thursday, 20 October 2011

Wednesday 19th October, 2011 - WEIGH IN DAY!

3 Slices Warburtons Wholemeal - 4pp
Apple - 0pp
Cup of Tea - 0pp*
Mango Fingers PrePack - 0pp
Melon & Grape PrePack - 0pp
1/3 Giant Choc Chip Cookie - 4pp
Hawaiian Stuffed Crust Pizza, 4 Slices - 30pp (guesstimate)
Cadbury Hot Pudding, caramel - 10pp
Mint Poppets - 5pp

Any Time
*Skimmed Milk - 1pp
WW BBQ Crisps - 2pp
Go Ahead Yogurt Break, Cherry, 2 Slices - 4pp
Mini Banana - 0pp
WW Apple Pie Bar - 2pp


So much for the chilled day in.

I went on a little mooch to Telford, around the shops etc, spent WAY too much money, but was good and took a couple of things back after deciding I didn't really need them :o)

Got what I took as a compliment in new look - i was trying cardigans on, and this lady kept watching me, and then she noticed me watching her watch me and she said sorry for staring but every time she looked over at me she really liked the cardi's I was trying on - which I know is more about the cardi's themselves, but I took it to mean that they mustn't have looked too bad on me cos they hadn't put her off!!

So I bought one.

And it's a Size TEN! WOOP!

Turned out I was actually out shopping much longer than I had planned or anticipated, and I had to pay SIX POUND for the car park (full day rate as it was a short stay car park!)


I managed to earn 'healthy' status on my pedometer tho, as well as earn 1AP while I was out shopping, and have earnt another this evening so can't complain! :o)

Downside to today is that I nearly burnt the house down ...

Ok not quite.

I'd unpacked one of the carrier bags (Asda) in the kitchen, and had put a couple of things on the hob.
I had also turned the oven on to warm up for bub's and hubby's tea (as I was going out to WI), but then bubs had wondered into the kitchen and, without me noticing, had turned the hob on!!

So the (plastic) packaging from one of the coverall bibs I'd bought him had completely melted and there was smoke pouring all over the place, and the SMELL was just AWFUL

I've had a headache all evening from it :o(

I really really REALLY understood the age old "I need eyes in the back of my head" saying after today I can tell you!!

SCARY!! :o(

Down to business then :

I lost a happy half at weigh in this evening :o)

I would have liked more (a whole lb would have been nice) but we're never really satisfied are we??

BUT I AM happy with my half, as it takes me down to 10st 6lb (which I *think* is the lightest I have ever been in my adult life, as I think that is the lowest I got to in 2007)
Also it means I'm now only a happy half lb away from a healthy BMI! EEK!

also 2lb away from having lost 25% of my starting body weight.

That's a whole quarter of myself gone.

Whats that... a leg??

How amazing am I! :o)

TOTAL loss now 41.5lbs

Baby steps but I am getting so close to my goal!

EEEE! I'm excited!!

OOH! Just realised I'm only half a lb from losing 3st!!!

Double and triple YAY!!

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