Friday, 25 November 2011

Friday 25th November, 2011

Warburton's Wholemeal, toasted, 1 - 1pp
Banana - 0pp
Honey - 1pp
Cup of Tea - 0pp*
BGTY Roast Chicken Salad Sandwich - 7pp
Cookie (shared with hubby) - 4pp
BGTY Cumberland Sausages, 2 - 4pp
McCains Lightly Spiced Wedges - 3pp
Egg, fried in Fry Light - 2pp
Heinz Baked Beans, 72g - 1pp

BGTY Vanilla Ice Cream - 1pp
Mini Banana - 0pp

Highlights Hot Chocolate - 1pp*
Any Time
*Skimmed Milk - 1pp


Well, I'm quite proud of myself today :o)

I started this morning by planning my lunch and tea, while eating my breakfast. I wrote it all down, pointed it, and knew exactly how many points I would be using! Get me!

And then that was all thrown out the window when I decided I would go and meet hubby from work. In Birmingham. With an hour to spare.


Well, I had a shower, got myself and Bubs ready, and rushed down to sainsbury's to get some cash and change for the bus/train.

So while I was down there, I decided I would buy us all a sandwich for lunch, and I got myself the BGTY Roast Chicken Salad Sandwich for 7PP for convenience of PP. And also I got a bag of Apple and Pear Slices for myself and Bubs to share.

Then, because I hadn't left myself time to buy a couple of things that I had needed for Tea tonight, I substituted a couple of things and ended up with the above tasty meal. YAY and YUM!!

The only thing that wasn't necessarily planned was the Cup of Tea I had in a cafe with the hubster. BUT i had sweetener and took the milk out of my milk allowance, so that was ok.

And that leaves the cookie that I stupidly convinced Hubby he should have at the cafe....

Which I stole half of....

BUT - since I had planned my meals, and knew what points I had remaining (9 at the time) I knew I would easily still be able to eat what I wanted without going over the 26.

And it worked!

So yeah.

I'm pretty proud of me today :o)

It also helps that I stuck to my 26 today, as tomorrow myself and the Hubbles will be going to Nando's for Tea, and then to the cinema and so all my weeklies will definitely be needed!

BUT - that's what they're there for!!! :o)

Also, I have plans to meet the lovely Clare at the gym, so that'll help towards a good week I am sure of it!


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