Sunday, 20 November 2011

Saturday 19th November, 2011 - Party Day

Coco Pops - 3pp*
Cup of Tea - 0pp*
Party Food (various amounts of each)
mini onion bhajis
mini pakoras
mini samosas
ham sandwich (1/4's)
3 fairy cakes w/buttercream
mini sausage on a stick
savoury eggs
salted peanuts
mini dessert platter desserts

Any Time
*Skimmed Milk - 2pp


I honestly don't think that I ate 73pp worth of food, despite what is listed above.

But in the spirit of over-guesstimating, I am going to write-off my weeklies, and just stick o my dailies for the rest of the week.

Also, as i'm sure you're aware by now, the plan has had a couple tweaks, and some people's points have now dropped lower than 29.

Unfortunately for me, I am one of those people, and my daily allowance is now 26.

I understand that this is an optional drop, and that if you are on 29pp/day, and are losing on that, then there is nothing saying that you cannot remain on 29pp.

But, as I'm sure you've noticed, my losses are exTREMEly slow, so I have decided that I will adapt to the new 26pp/day and see how I go.

I am hoping that it will give me a kick start to getting to goal!

Since the change has come into effect (on source at least) half way through my ww-week, I have decided that for the remainder of the week, I will DEFINITELY stick to 29 at the MOST, but that if am a couple below, that I will not make any special effort to eat up to the 29.

But then after weigh in on wednesday, I will be on 26pp/day.

Exercise-wise, it has not been a good couple weeks for me.
Tuesday just gone, I could really not be bothered, but knew I had to make the effort, so I got dressed and drove down there, to be told that it is always closed on a tuesday morning from 10am-12.20pm because the school that the leisure centre is in the grounds of use it during their PE lessons.

This confused me somewhat as for as long as I remember this year, if I have been to the gym in the week, it has been on a tuesday morning at 11am because that is when my father in law has bubs!

So i was rather peeved to have to drive home again after finally managing to talk myself into going! GGRRRRR! :o(

So then I decided I would have to start going on a Thursday (the other day that my FiL has bubs for a couple of hours), but this Thursday was spent organising the final arrangements for bub's birthday party, and sorting out one of my email addresses as it had been hacked! :o(

So no gym for me on Thursday either.

Then yesterday would have been simply impossible, as I was up at 7am (did you know that there's a 7 in the MORNING as well?!?! amazing!) tidying and setting up for the party, and getting myself prettified and decent for company. then I had a nail appointment which unfortunately dropped on the wrong week as I had to have them soaked off before getting a new set, which meant over 2 hours spent at the salon!

Luckily my lovely mommy came over to help hubs with the final prep :o) thanks mommy!

then on my way back from the nail salon I had to collect the balloons, and pop to sainsburys to get some more serving platters for ALLLL the food we had bought!

I actually can't believe how LITTLE we have leftover, considering there was only 15 people there, lol!!

At least I'm not faced with having to eat it all today :o)

although unfortunately there are currently 7 cupcakes calling me from the fridge 0_0 eek! help!

who wants one??



  1. 26 PP per day? when did they make this change? how low can it go now? I wonder what my low point will be...

  2. I will find out more on Tuesday at my first meeting (I help as a weigher on a Tuesday and a Wednesday), but as far as I understand they have lowered the lowest amount of pp from 29 to 26, as they believe this will benefit those closer to goal. The propoints plan has been out for a year now so they have been able to look at how people have been getting on and to see what small things may need changing.
    Also, there is a new option called filling and healthy, which I think is like the old core plan where you don't have to count points as such - you just keep yourself comfortably full using zero pointed foods.
    Don't take my word on this as yet tho - as I say I will find out all the details at my meeting on Tuesday :o) xx