Sunday, 13 November 2011

Oh dear...

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear...

had a bad week last week, and then this week I've just not been able to stop snacking!

Then our 'light lunch' out today turned into 48pp! EEK!

I have decided I will be getting weighed on Tuesday this week, at the other meeting I help at, as it is Bub's birthday on Wednesday, so hubby is having the afternoon off and we will most likely be eating out for lunch, and then we are going to my Mum's for tea!

I've decided that, since Wednesday is my normal weigh in day, and will be back to normal next week, that I will have Wednesday as a 'free' day - it doesn't exist on plan - then on Thursday, it will be a fresh new week, back to tracking everything, and aiming to save my 49pp for Bub's birthday party on Saturday, for which we have bought a RIDICULOUS amount of BAAAAAAAAAD food!

(Icelands packs of 75 indian snacks (vegetable samosas, vegetable pakoras and onion bhajis), 75 piece dessert platter (23 mini sugared doughnuts, 16 mini custard slices, 12 chocolate coated profiteroles, 12 mini cream sponge rolls, 12 mini blackforest sponge rolls), 2 tubes of pringles (sharer size - bigger than normal), salsa dip, a bag of salted peanuts, fox's biscuits family pack, Diet coke, Fanta, Sprite, fairy cakes, AND a chocolate hedgehog birthday cake! 


I wonder what my Weight Watcher leader will say.....?

I'll have to put the fruit bowl on the table as well hahahaha ;o)

fingers crossed VERY tightly for this week!!!

with any luck they'll go numb and I won't be able to pick any of the food up to lift it to my mouth!!

......although ... would that actually stop me?? 

I doubt it...


  1. You are so funny Tali, I cannot believe how much food you have bought!!! lol it sounds like it will be a good day! :-D

    Sending lots of birthday hugs to little Nico :-D xxxx

  2. Thank you Hunni xxx love you lots xxx

  3. Ps - wish you could come, only I know you will be having FAR too much fun in that there London! ;op

    Say hey to Dee for me, won't you! :o) lol xx