Tuesday, 15 November 2011


REALLY worried for weigh in later on ...

I have NEVER gone so ridiculously over on points in the whole time I have EVER done weight watchers - thats 5 years!!

Need a GIANT kick up the backside.

Thankfully the lovely Cayla is back at class tonight so I just know she'll get me back on track - she's a bit fabu like that  :o)


  1. awwww tali :-( everyone has their bad weeks, sending you big huge hugs :-D xxx

  2. I'm 12 over my weeklies this week but my sneak peek shows a loss still for tonight. It can happen. You motivate me though. I've seen you lose one week and gain it back the next week and you seem so determined still to take it off the next week. I don't know that I'll be like that when I hit my first gain (I'm sure it will happen) but I will try to be like you when it happens.

    :) good luck tomorrow!

  3. You've got to be Allyssa - if I gave up at every hurdle I'd still 3stone heavier - if not more!

    Tonight was my 98th weigh in this time around, and while I do lose focus at times, and can moan a lot at my slow losses, there's no WAY i'm giving up, cos what would be the point in that???

    Hope your weigh in goes well - let me know won't you? xx

  4. I lost 1.6 this week. That makes 20.6 for me this time around so far.