Thursday, 24 November 2011

Plan Changes

So as you probably know, the ProPoints plan has been out for a year now, and WeightWatchers have been watching and monitoring how people have been doing, and have decided that a couple of tweaks are needed.
These tweaks have now been applied to the plan, and I figured you may like to know about them :o)

The number one confirmed rumour about the changes is that the lowest daily ProPoints allowance has now been lowered from 29 to 26.

Now before you get a look of horror on your face (quick - fix it - i didn't see it yet ;o) ) :


Also, not EVERYONE who was previously on 29 has been dropped to 26, so you should check your eSource or ask your leader what your new daily ProPoints allowance is.

Now as I said, the change is OPTIONAL!! - if you are losing weight at a good rate - WeightWatchers recommend UP TO 2LB per week - and you are happy with your 29, then stick to 29! (you lucky so-and so!)

But if your losses have slowed, and you would like to give them a little boost, then you can drop to your lower allowance.

Also, the point change is interchangeable -

If your new allowance is 26, you can use between 26 and 29 dailies per day, as and how you choose.
So one day, you can have 26, the next 29 if you need to, and the next back to 26.

It's up to you.

The same applies for those whose points have now dropped to 27 or 28 - although those who have should not drop any lower than the amount you have been given.

And while I'm on the subject, I would like to point out to anyone reading this who is on a higher allowance : PLEASE do not drop your allowance in the hope that you will lose the weight faster!!

WeightWatchers have YEARS of experience and have worked out your allowance personal to your body's requirements.

After just FOUR MONTHS of the ProPoints plan being released, in the UK alone, WeightWatchers members lost
 3 million 9hundred&17thousand 
2hundred and 70lbs
 (that's the equivalent of 160 double decker buses!!)

If you follow their guidelines and the plan correctly, you WILL lose weight!


don't rush it!

this isn't a diet - it's a lifestyle change 

The second change to the plan is that they have brought in the option of following

Healthy and Filling.

For those of you that were members on the old WeightWatchers plan, the new Healthy and Filling plan is a new version of the old Core plan.

Now I've never followed to Core Plan, and I don't have any plans to follow the Healthy and Filling plan - I'm just too damn greedy!

But here are the basics :

  • Eat only the green highlighted foods as found in all the programme material, your week, monthly magazine, shop guide and any other literature I have missed.
  • You do not need to count the ProPoints values, no matter the portion size.
  • Instead, you focus on your satisfaction levels - in other words STOP WHEN YOU'RE FULL!
  • Use your 49 weekly ProPoints to count any non-Healthy and Filling foods.

And that's it!

But as I say, I will NOT be switching to this plan on a permanent basis.

I may, however - at some point - choose to have a Healthy and Filling DAY.

You see, you can switch and change between the two plans as well - for example if you went to a friends house for a meal, you're not going to be taking over their kitchen weighing everything and writing down your points! 
So you may prefer to use the Healthy and Filling rules instead, and just eat until you are full.
And then, the next day you can revert back to counting the ProPoints

I am hoping this has been helpful and informative. Obviously a different style of post to normal so I tried to jazz it up a bit with pretty colours ;o) teehee

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Text is my own, although, obviously, the plan is WeightWatchers, so that all belongs to them.

Opinions : my own.

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