Friday, 27 January 2012

W/E Wednesday 25th January, 2012 - WEIGH IN DAY

Ok, so you saw that I had a dodgy day Monday, and I hadn't updated since Saturday, and I'm afraid I won't be uploading my trackers for the missed days.

I do have MOST things tracked in my paper tracker ... though I did lose track Monday after the chocolate binge, and so Tuesday and Wednesday's totals would also be off track as I pretty much definitely went over my weeklies.

But I've got some things on at the moment and I haven't got time to upload the last week's worth of trackers!

So to ANOTHER fresh start.

The LAST fresh start!

Official weigh in was cancelled this week, so I weighed in at home, and stayed the same.

Cant complain after losing a WHOLE lb last week, and after Monday and Tuesday especially!

So still at 10st 5lb, and still aiming to lose another 9.5lbs to get me to Goal!

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