Sunday, 18 August 2013

Saturday 17th August, 2013

Today was my day out for my birthday, and I pre-planned it all to a T :)

I made lunch to take with me to save eating out and being tempted (tuna pasta salad and a pack of french fries - 7+2pp)

There is a Frankie and Benny's at Trentham Gardens, but I knew that if I went there I would eat way too much and have a pudding (cherry crumble - 16pp) even though I wouldn't need one, so because of this, and also because we took our dog to Trentham with us which would make eating out a little difficult, I planned to take Daisy to my mums and leave her there while we went to our local Nando's.

I planned beforehand what I would eat (though I did have to adjust the points because the portions seemed to be HUUUUUUUUGE!)

And I did have a sneaky Magnum in the afternoon, but all tracked and all's good :)

so I used 15 weeklies, but I am more than happy with that :) The rest of my week is mostly planned, I just need to be careful with lunches as hubby is off work for the week so I'm not sure where we will be each day, but I am DETERMINED not to lose the plot this week!!

One of the reasons for our trip to Trentham Gardens was to visit these guys : Critterish Allsorts

The lovely Dale at Critterish Allsorts kindly took in our 2 Chinchillas a few years ago when we decided it would be kinder for them to go to a new home. The people at Hoo Farm put us in touch with Dale, who was looking for a friend for his own Chinchilla, Sebastian.

For the last 2 years - the weekend around my birthday - Critterish Allsorts have took a selection of animals to Trentham Gardens, and Dale has brought Lulu along to see me too :) it was lovely to see her and have a cuddle

Here are a few photos from our trip to Trentham - just 'cos :)

Me with Lulu ❤

Me with Skittles (Skunk) from Critterish Allsorts

Me with Connie (Boa Constrictor) from Critterish Allsorts

Skittles (Skunk) - from Critterish Allsorts


The Italian Gardens at Trentham Gardens



I had a lovely (on track!) day with my favourite people and some cute animals to boot :)

Looking forward to my week with hubby now! ❤

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