Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Tuesday 27th August, 2013

Had another good week, but lost my way a little since yesterday. I need weigh in to happen so I can draw another line and get back onto it!

Evil SP's have me at another gain, which I think has added to my already-peed-off-about-last-weeks-weigh-in-result mood and snuck in amongst my determination to throw me off track.

At Tettenhall class tonight, a member was saying that his loss this week was down to cutting out bananas ... which got me thinking.

I have once before cut my banana's after decided they were hindering my losses. I decided not to cut them out entirely, but to instead limit myself to just one kid-sized-portion banana per day.

This had not-so-recently become the normal - much larger - sized bananas, and within the last couple weeks has become 2-3 per day!

Sounds to me like this could well be a major factor!!

So this week I am back on the mini bananas, and 1 per day MAX, if any!

I have also bought some salad stuff for lunches (I am quite limited on my salad veg, but have bought lettuce, cucumber and spring onion, and a honey-mustard dressing which I am looking forward to tomorrow! All the subway's I have had recently have given me the taste! nom nom nom :)

So, I'll get tomorrow out the way (being as well behaved as possible now that hubby is back at work and it's back to normality), face up to whatever weigh in brings and then straight back onto it again - sans bananas!

after all - what else can I do...

... Give up altogether??


  1. You would not give up all together - you are far too determined. But yeah, the bananas could be a factor. Glad you are back to normal now. Best of luck Tali xx

  2. It was a rhetorical question, for effect ;) lol

    I definitely wouldn't give up - what would be the point?
    Giving up would just give me free reign on food and I'd just end up back where I started, if not worse!

    Thank you :) xx