Friday, 30 August 2013

Thursday 29th August, 2013

*NOTE - herbs/spices measurements are inaccurate - the mixture was made up in bulk, with varying measurements for each ingredient. I have entered the minimum measurement for each ingredient simply for the purpose of tracking everything*

An awful nights sleep was had by all last night, as bubs has a throat infection so was coughing constantly. He ended up in our bed before 3am and then I was getting kicked as well as woken up by the coughing! Then at 7.30 this morning, the neighbours very kindly started HAMMERING! 

After about an hour they stopped, and me and bubs managed to fall back to sleep, waking again at around 10.15. 
Within a minute of opening my eyes, my mobile rings with just a local number on the screen, so my half-asleep mind instantly thinks HOSPITAL - MUM!

I answer the phone with a mix of sleep and dread, to be greeted by the DJ's from my local radio breakfast show?! and now I'm gonna sound a total KNOB on the radio tomorrow! (I'm assuming it will be played tomorrow)

Got up, mooched about, had some brekkie, made a salad ready to take for lunch, got ready and waited for my mum to call to let me know when to go get her, then made my way to the hospital to give her a lift home. 
The traffic was RIDICULOUS, just cos of some piddly little roadworks!! Seriously I can't go ANYWHERE at the moment without coming across ROADWORKS!! Are there even that many workmen in the world, or are they working each site in shifts?! Crazyness!
So I collect my mum - EVENTUALLY - and notice the engine of my car is having a fit. Mum tells me to keep an eye on the temp gauge, and sure enough, on the way back to my Mum's the temp skyrockets and the engine overheats!

Luckily, Mum knows a man that can, so we took it along and get it looked at, and the verdict : no water in the radiator and some kind of hose (connected to the radiator) is ker-nackered! Had to leave it there and walk back! 

In the RAIN - just to top it all off!!

Hopefully it will be fixed by tomorrow! I hate not having the option of my car, even when I have nowhere to go! 

We ended up staying at mum's for tea but LUCKILY I had taken along all the ingredients for my planned tea, as I had decided to be a good wifey and get all the preparation done while I was babysitting her for the afternoon, and then it would be done ready for when hubby got home! So I ended up doubling up and cooking for my Mum and Stepdad, and I think we all enjoyed it! (The Hairy Dieters Cajun Chicken with Wedges and Chive Dip)

Got a lift home and was back late and so now I'm off to bed for what I'm sure will be another uncomfortable nights sleep!

I didn't plan to have 6 dailies remaining, and I'm not sure that's actually EVER happened - but hey ho, things happen, and I doubt it'll happen again any time soon!

On a positive note :

Tali : 1, Banana's Nil :o)

Nighty night! xx

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