Thursday, 15 August 2013

Wednesday 14th August, 2013 - WEIGH IN

Well, I wasn't totally confident for weigh in tonight, as I sneaky peeked this morning (yh - i know. bad) and it had me at ½lb HEAVIER than last weigh in :(

But I ate as little as possible, managed to not munch, and even went out for 2 - count them! - TWO! walks :)



So this is totally spurring me on to behave this week EVEN THOUGH it's my birthday on Monday and I'm going out for the day on Saturday AND hubby is off work next week too! SOOOOOO many possible excuses but I AMMMMMM going to lose next week!

I AM NOT going to regain the last couple of losses AGAIN just cos I am getting older (Boohoo btw)

I am ON IT and I AMMMMM going to get back to goal - or at least a lot closer - before the year is out!


This is on ME and ME ALONE to do this!

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