Saturday, 17 September 2011

30 Days of Blogs - Day 1 - A Recent Picture of You and 15 Interesting Facts About Yourself

This photo was taken on my Birthday a month ago

15 Interesting Facts

1. I am 24 (people normally think I am older :o( )

2. I will have been with Hubby 7 years in November (married for 3 as of May this year)

3. I have a 22month old Son

4. My Son and Hubby are my WORLD

5. I think too much

6. I hate my smile

7. I hate having my photograph taken


9. I LOVE FILOFAX's and stationery

10. I was mugged last November

11. I often feel like a social outcast

12. I have lost 40lb since having my Son.

13. I am approx 10lbs from my Goal Weight

14. I wear orthodontic braces because my son knocked one of my teeth out of place so I had to have 2 teeth extracted.

15. I love to cross stitch and am learning to crochet

Wow, Didn't think I'd be able to manage 15! Well, there you go! :o)

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