Tuesday, 27 September 2011

30 Days of Blogs - Day 11 - Another Picture of You and Your Friends

I know I used this photo a couple days ago,  but since it is the ONLY photo of myself that I have with other people (other than hubby and Bubs)

And it's such a pretty picture with lovely pretty girlies :o) <3 x


  1. Hello! Just popped over to say hello! I barely said HELLO on Saturday. Hope to speak more at one of the other Philofaxy meet-ups. Loved your write-up on Imy's blog. Hugs... Alison.

  2. HI ALISON! *waves*
    Sorry - I didn't mingle much on Saturday as I'm rather a nervous person :o(
    Hoping to make one of the meet ups in the new year - don't think my bank balance would survive another one this year! LOL xx

  3. Yay! It was so lovely to meet you Tali. I have now had time to comment on your blog too :-) Wow you are amazing!! I am so impressed by what you have done, very inspirational.

  4. Thank you Kyla :o) I loved meeting you too! xx