Thursday, 29 September 2011

30 Days of Blogs - Day 12 - How You Found Out About This Blog Site And Why You Made One

I've read a few blogs - the very best of which are in my Right Sidebar :o) - and liked the look of the Blogger site the most.

I tried to blog last year about my braces, I think I published 2 posts and that was it lol.

I decided to start this blog to spur me on to goal. Only having 10lbs to lose and having been on plan for 19 months (at the time of starting the blog)  I figured publicising my trackers would help greatly to encourage me to eat better.

I think it has, but my lack of exercise is probably the biggest factor now of my slow losses.

But I AM losing - and I know it'll be more maintainable this way, as I'm not one to slave away in the gym on a daily, (or even weekly, a lot of the time) basis.

I'll walk where I can.

I'll run around after my son.

I'll enjoy my life.

And i WILL get to goal

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