Sunday, 18 September 2011

Sunday 18th September, 2011

Frosties - 3pp*
Banana - 0pp
Cup of Tea - 0pp*

3 BGTY Cumberland Sausages - 6pp
Potatoes, Mashed w/ skimmed milk - 5pp*
Fine Beans - 0pp
Mushrooms - 0pp
Onion - 0pp
Gravy - 1pp

Müllerlight Banana & Custard - 3pp

Twirl Treat Size - 3pp
Horlicks - 1pp*
Any Time
*Skimmed Milk - 2pp
Banana - 0pp
Apple - 0pp
Nature Valley Chewy Trail Mix Bar - 3pp
WW Peanut, Raisin & Chocolate Cereal Bar - 2pp
Grapes - 0pp
Snack a Jacks Caramel - 3pp


Well I kept my promise and went to the gym :o)

Stayed around 45 mins or so and I only went on the treadmill, but I walked just under 2 miles and reached Earning mode, so I'm happy.

Then, through just general walking, housework etc I managed to earn 2 AP's!

Just had a treat size twirl today, so just the 3 choccie points eaten :o)


  1. finally caught up on your blog. you're an inspiration. I am at 38 PP and back on WW for my 2nd go at this weight loss thing. your attitude makes your blog fun to read. please keep going.
    ps. i'm jealous of your yummy foods from the uk! canada has none of that stuff really.

  2. Hi Allyssa :o) Thank you for your comments :o)

    All I can say is you CAN do this!

    I have found PP quite slow, but saying that - I was on old points between January last year and November last year when PP was launched, and I lost at about the same rate then.

    I think this time around, I have just made it so much more realistic for me - I haven't really exercised much at all and - as you have probably noticed - I'm a bit of a chocolate fiend <3 ... but I've still had it AND lost weight!

    When I did WW before my wedding, I cut out most chocolate, along with other things such as crisps (potato chips?) etc, and I went to the gym at least twice a week, along with standing and walking around for most of the day at my job in a shop.

    As I said, now I don't exercise half as much - though i will visit the gym occasionally - and I am now a SAHM so not so much walking around as I used to.

    So yeah my losses are slower, but I AM going to keep it off this time.

    PMA ;oD xx

  3. I did ww before and after my wedding too :) your dress is from david's bridal isn't it? mine was :)

    I did it without much exercise the first time and will probably do it that way this time at least for a while. I pretty much snacked on sweet WW treats and such.

    I can't say I'll keep mine off, my ultimate goal is to be healthy to carry a baby so I may get preg in the middle of my weight loss and I might not. I'll be okay with it either way.

  4. My dress was Alfred Angelo. Did you have one similar?

    after my wedding I put nearly a stone back on - got complacent - but I rejoined in the January and found out I was pregnant in March, so that didn't last long! haha.

    I ended up putting another 2st back on in pregnancy so ended up back where i started!

    But i know this time, that if i did get pregnant again, I'm not going to lose my support network.

    Last time, I rang customer services to cancel my membership and that was that. I couldn't attend meetings so zero support (The ladies at my meeting were lovely, but not of my age group and so it's hardly like we'd 'hang out')

    But this time, I have changed meetings and also help out as a weigher, and I know for a fact that if i did get pregnant I would have the support to continue eating HEALTHILY though obviously not to lose weight.
    And my leader is SO lovely I just know she wouldn't turn her back on me :o)

    It's just a case of finding that support - whether online or in your meeting :o)

    And that is a FAB goal in my opinion :o) and if you can stay healthy throughout the pregnancy too then even better :o)

    The main reason I am doing this is to be a healthy mum for my son :o) <3

  5. I'm not sure what a st is in lbs but from my wedding, i went on to lose another 10lbs and then gained it all back + another 10. ugh.. that's a total of 50lbs gained back (with my normal eating habits... sorry former normal, plus stress eating) in a year. eww, written down sounds worse than speaking it.

    I love my leader, she actually is the mother in law of my brother's friend from hs and so she knows my bro. it was so funny to find that out.

    I'm in the process of asking a friend who's on a weight loss journey to come with me to WW. she tends to do those shake diets where you eat nothing but shakes, or shakes for breakfast and lunch but normal dinner. i think WW would be healthier for her, plus she's BF anyways so she'd get more points.

    I have a friend at work (they're all my mom's age though) who's losing weight again too and we're updating each other every week (only 1 so far) but the other ladies there too were really supportive last time too asking me every wed morning "how much did you lose?" it's great

  6. oh and I think David's bridal had a dress similar to yours too. but I think I remember seeing yours on the alfred angelo website when I was looking there too

    here's two of my dress

  7. Oh that colour is beautiful! :o)

    Oh I hate those Shake diets! - YUCK!
    I hope she comes along with you - It's definitely 100times easier with support :o)
    But you CAN do it hunni xx

    PS - a stone is 14lbs x