Thursday, 8 December 2011


As you may have noticed, I have been AWOL the last week.

I admit I did not track a single thing,
 I ate like a pig,
I went out for a meal,
and ate a riDICulous amount of chocolate.
I also was on two lots of antibiotics for my wisdom tooth,
AND it was my TOTM.

I was HOPING for a 1lb gain, as even that would have been a miracle, but I only gained HALF!!

So I figured I best take advantage of this gift and get back on the wagon, get back to tracking and blogging and do my best to be an absolute ANGEL this week!

I do NOT want to gain again next week!!!

I WILL NOT gain again next week!!!

The only big thing I have planned for this week is Cayla's birthday meal on Saturday, for which we are going to Chiquito's so I'm going to whip out my EOG and do my best to preplan.

And BEHAVE for the rest of the week!!

I did my weekly shop yesterday, so my house is full of fruit and healthy stuffs ...

So here goes!


  1. Good to get back in the groove this side of Christmas. I always find the weeks after Christmas are the toughest ones to cope with mentally.

    Last year was particularly bad... I'm hoping 2012 will be better!

  2. Thank you Steve. Yes there's no time like the present!

    I gained 4lb at the first weigh in of 2011, although I did lose 3lb of it the following week, I'd prefer not to go quite so off track this year.

    I am hoping to just enjoy Christmas and Boxing Day, and then jump straight back on it.

    Its so HARD with ALL the chocolate around tho! It all adds up so quickly.

    But 2012 is MY year.

    I have been on this plan for nearly 2 years now, and I am so close to goal that I can smell it, and 2012 i WILL get to goal.

    I will be following this plan for the rest of my life of course, as it is a life change not a diet.

    But 2012 is my year :o)