Friday, 30 December 2011

Weigh In Result 29th Dec 2011

Just a quick one and I will upload my tracker tomorrow.

Went to weigh in tonight simply hoping to have gained less than my last post-Christmas weigh in (4lb)

Well would you believe I STAYED THE SAME?!

Cos I can't!!

Now I'm gonna take this as a kick up the bum and take advantage of it :

I WILL NOT be going any higher.

I WILL NOT re-enter the overweight category (even 1/2lb gain would result in this)

I WILL get my 25% and the 25% charm I bought myself earlier this month.

I WILL NOT mess around anymore.

I would like to be at goal by my wedding anniversary (4th may) which is riDICulously do-able which means there are absolutely NO excuses!!!

Goal weight : here I come!!!


  1. Well done lovely.
    Proud of you. Keep up the fab work x

  2. Tali can you post pictures of your charm bracelet and the shiny stones you guys get for losing a stone? I'm curious

    You can do it!