Thursday, 22 December 2011

Weigh in result 21 December 2011

If I thought I had lost the WW plot before, that was nothing on this last week. And unfortunately it showed on the scales and I gained 1.5lb :o(

Weight this week was 10st 6lb which means I am literally the highest I can be without going into the 'overweight' category of the BMI range for my height!

Now, I am going to enjoy my christmas, but I am also going to do my damn best to not lose the plot again this week!

My normal meeting is closed next week only, so I have found another meeting not too far away that is open on Thursday 29th and will be going along to face those scales, because I know that if I haven't got to get weighed until the 4th I will write this week off and have a repeat of my 4lb christmas gain last new year!

errrrm NO THANKS!!

I'm not going to promise to blog religiously over the next week, so will wish you and your families a Very Merry Christmas and a Fantabulous New Year right now :o)


  1. how come your meeting is closed next week? my meeting is still open on tuesday... weird. I wish you luck this week! Get your APs in wherever you can. I've been doing aquafit and DDR on the Wii... DDR on difficult = moderate exercise... 30 mins = 3 APs.

  2. I think it's a mix of venue closures and also the leaders take it in turns to work over the christmas period. There are some meetings open, but my meeting isn't.
    I should think the meetings that are open will be really quiet anyway - I know a lot of people won't want to face the scales until the new year hehe

  3. Hmmm, I'd definitely be upset if my leader wasn't there and my meeting was closed. I rely so much on my leader being there. She makes my week so much better. She makes me want to go to WW even on bad weeks to see her.

    Having fewer people there means shorter lines to WI at least. My line ends up being like 15 people long when I get there usually. Last week it was like 5 when I got there at my normal time. Good for us... hope to see lots of losses at the meeting after New Year's though lol.

    I'll be rooting for you this week, every time I think about you :)

  4. at the two meetings I help at - one being the one where I get weighed - we usually have around 60+ people!

    My leader has a fantastic Facebook page - - so even with the meeting not being on, there are plenty of WW people around, and Cayla herself, to spur us on or answer any questions or worries we have :o)

    I won't be aiming for a loss next weigh in, but just hope I don't put any more on.

    Thank you hunni. You certainly sound prepared for the weekend events, and i'll be thinking of you on Tuesday :o) Let me know how you go won't you? x

  5. Wow that's a lot! Our lines went down a bit since the monthly pass came out for canada because it means all those people don't need to use the interac machines which take forever.

    We probably have about 30ish people come to a meeting but more WI and then just go home. There's two meetings in a row, one at 530 and one at 7pm.

    I wish my meeting had a facebook page. My leader is on facebook and I can ask her questions. She's also my brother's friend from high school's mother in law. So cool, so she knows my bro...

    I'm shooting for a 2lb loss which is why I'm working out like a mad woman this week. 2lbs will get me 30lbs total and my SAS week. I saw someone achieve those both the same week less than a month ago and I decided I wanted it too! It also helps that I'm not working for two weeks too, so I'm able to do this.

    I will definitely let you know how it goes!