Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Completely Lost The Plot!

Yep. Lost Losty Lost Lost :o(

Now, this may come as a shock to some of you ...

I'll give you a second to prepare yourselves...

I'm actually starting to feel a bit sick and fed up of chocolate.

There I've said it.

Have you recovered...?

Then I'll continue :

My next weigh in is on Thursday (tomorrow) and I am expecting a gain.

CHRISTMAS is most definitely OVER - So all I can do is face it, draw a line and get the hell back on track!

And this time, I AM getting back on track.

I have printed off some WW Tracker pages for my Tracker Filofax ( as seen here ), my chocolate from Christmas is mostly eaten or locked away by hubby into a code protected box (seriously. these are the lengths I have to go to - haha)

I will be making a food plan tomorrow and doing a food shop either tomorrow or Friday.

Hubby and I have agreed that he will also be making more of an effort for healthy eating and exercise in the new year - he doesn't need to lose weight in the slightest - in fact he just lost half a stone and we don't know how! (GIT), but he has decided he should do it for his health and also as a good example to Bubs.

And the exercise will be in the form of walking, on any afternoons that he manages to get home earlyish (starting Friday!)

Soo that is the plan

And this time ...

This is it.

This is my road to goal.

2012 is my year.

As of right now I have 10.5lbs to go to where I want to be. (I will update this on my ticker at the top of the page after tomorrow's weigh in)

Fingers crossed it won't be too much more after tomorrow


  1. Hi, Ive followed your link from WW.
    WOW - You have done so well. You must be an inspiration for so many people. I only joined yesterday, so all new to me.

    Love your blog by the way.


  2. Thank you Haley :o)

    You will soon get used to and begin to love the plan! :o)

    Just take your time with it and it will happen for you too