Thursday, 23 August 2012

W/E Wednesday 22nd August - WI DAY!

Ok, so I had every good intention on getting straigh back on track after my birthday on Sunday, and for that matter to stay on track up until my birthday!

But as you can probably tell it all went a bit pear-shaped ...

I tracked Thursday! Then most of Friday, but then Friday night I didnt properly weigh everything as I served up my Tea, then I pretty much thought to hell with it for the rest of the weekend!

Then Monday came, and again I had every intention ... but then we went out for the day and I lost it, overindulged, and was pretty much just plain greedy :o/

I enjoyed my birthday week :o)

Life does throw these things at us now and again, and when do you deserve a break if not on your birthday .... week (?)

Ah well.

Faced the scales and gained 2lb. totally expected ... deserved ... and, to be honest, worth it! :o)

Now back to the grindstone!

Upping the walking again!

just bloomin' BEHAVING basically!


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