Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Wednesday 1st August, 2012 - WEIGH IN

HOW is it August already?!?!?!?!!!!????

Ok. Well I've had a rubbish few tracking days. I've tracked, but on and off, so I figure theres no point updating cos it's not going to be accurate.

To be honest I think the results probably speak louder this week ... although I wasn't expecting QUITE so much on :o/

I gained 2lb.

My body is just adamant its staying in the 10's!! GRRR

But anyhoo, today is the start of the August Exercise Challenge on Facebook (Michaela's Weight Watchers Meetings :o) ). A group of us have each set ourselves an exercise challenge to last the month of August. This was totally personal to the individual, ANYTHING so long as it was achievable :o)

I TOTALLY forgot my pedometer today so it wasn't too good a start for me, unfortunately, but tomorrow I am ON IT.

Pedometer will be reset and worn.
Treadmill will be powered up
Earning/Healthy mode WILL be hit!!

Hitting healthy mode EVERY day for the next 30 days would mean I had walked 81miles! Can't be bad can it!!! :o)



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