Sunday, 13 January 2013

Sunday 13th January, 2013

Just a quick midweek update :)

I have been good so far this week, am doing my best to spend no more than 5pp on the sweet stuff, and  I have been doing lots of walking, with a lot of help from a delivery round I do once a month and this month I have took on an extra round! Perhaps not the best idea with this -1ºc weather!

The first round myself and hubby divide between us, and yesterday I managed to earn 2AP (11281 steps, 4.70 miles), and this morning we finished it off and so far I have hit earning - a rare thing before midday! lol

The second round is for me to do tomorrow and Tuesday while bubs is at nursery. I have 409 houses to deliver to so that'll keep me busy!

Can't complain too much though, as I am getting some walking in, and getting paid for it too :)

Wish me luck with the weather though! Am hoping my next update isn't this:

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