Thursday, 10 January 2013

W/E Wednesday 9th January, 2013

I had a pretty good week this week.

I planned the weeks meals, tracked all week, stayed within points, and tried to walk more - taking the dog for walkies and walking to pick my son up from nursery where time and the weather allowed (although he has only been back since Monday).

I was hoping for maybe 1½-2lb to get a good head start on this 8lb that I need to get off within 16 weigh-ins.

So I was a little disappointed to lose ½lb.

After discussing with Cayla, we think it was most likely an overindulgence in choccies and sweet stuff, which, for me, is not unusual!!

While I was within points, and had a few weeklies left, Cayla has told me in the past that I should be spending a maximum of 5 points per day on sweet stuff, so I do agree that this is probably my biggest downfall.

Now anyone who knows me will know that it isn't even an option to cut the sweet stuff out completely - it's just not going to happen!
 I've never done it so far, so I know I can lose and still have it, as long as I behave and don't go mad.

So, never mind the negativity!

  I lost! And I'm on track, as long as I can do it every week I will be back at goal for our 5th anniversary 

New week then!

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