Friday, 1 March 2013

Friday 1st March, 2013

Apple - 0pp
Water - 75ml - 0pp
Sugar, ¾tsp - 0pp
Activia 0% Fat Cherry - 2pp


Homemade Vegetable Soup - 0pp
Giraffe Bread - 4pp


Ye Olde Oak American Style Hot Dog Sausages, 2 - 2pp
Asda White Finger Roll, 47g - 3pp
Onion, fried in fry light - 0pp
Corn on the Cob, 193g - 3pp
Flora Lighter than Light, 22g - 1pp
Heinz Reduced Salt & Sugar Ketchup, 26g - 0pp
Homemade Vegetable Soup - 0pp

Asda GFY 40% less fat Chocolate Mousse - 2pp
Nestlé Smarties, ½ tube - 2pp

Any Time
*Skimmed Milk, 30ml - 0pp
WeightWatchers Chocolate & Raisin Cookies, 2pk - 2pp
Jaffa Cake - 1pp
Sainsbury's Melon Snack Pack - 0pp
Barratt Flumps, Marshmallow Twist, 2 - 2pp
Cup of Tea - 0pp*
Grapes, Green - 0pp
Grapes, Black - 0pp


'Healthy' Steps Required - 6261
EARNING mode achieved - 


I decided last night that I would finally go SWIMMING!

I bought a swimming costume in October, and planned to go as soon as it was delivered, but just never did!

I had a sudden *wave* (geddit?) of inspiration last night and figured it was about time I went for it!

So after dropping Bubs at nursery after lunch, I toddled off down to the pool, and managed 30 lengths!

I'm REALLY pleased with that, as I figured I would most likely be bored or knackered after about 10!

It took me 55 minutes, which I know is slow going, but considering I haven't been swimming in a couple of years, and have no claim to being "fit", I am pleased with what I managed!

It was a bit of a rush to get home in time to pick Bub's up, but I did have to do a couple things first before I went to the pool, so at least next time I'll know to just go straight there :)

It was relatively quiet in the pool which was nice, as I hate fighting to swim lengths and people getting in the way.
I don't like to swim in the designated lanes as I feel I would annoy people constantly stopping for a breather, but it really does do my head in how inconsiderate other people can be!

I was clearly there to swim and there was a couple of ladies with toddlers who just seemed to purposely keep standing right where I was swimming JUST as I approached them!!!

I don't begrudge anyone taking their children swimming, and am hoping to take Bub's soon myself, but it takes nothing to be courteous to others and STAY OUT OF THE BLOODY WAY!!!

OK, rant over!

Overall it was a nice swim, and me thinks me might even go again next week!

Now, I'm not going to count any activity points for the swim, as even though the activity tracker says I earned 4AP, I was very stop/start, and also I really doubt I would have reached earning today if I had worn my pedometer, so there's no way I should count 4AP.

I figure I did the exercise, and only good can come from that, so I don't need the AP.

Plus I am under my dailies today anyway so it's not like I need the AP!

I'm feeling really positive today, and feel on track for a loss this week!

PMA!! ☺

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  1. Hello Lil Miss Positive, I was wondering when you'd come back!

    Well done honey, you've done the very best exercise for your body, a full workout that will be toning too x